One way to of supporting the FGS, while also keeping alive the memories of those who help us, is through inheritances and legacies.*

Anyone wishing to bequeath by will a donation to the FGS may go to a Notary Public and get information on how to proceed.

* The Civil Code defines as an heir the one who inherits, in full or in part, the estate of the deceased, and as legatee the one who inherits specific assets or values/amounts.

Another way of supporting our Mission is by assigning to the FGS a cash amount defined by a Court as a condition for waiving charges when one has committed a crime punishable with up to five years’ imprisonment, or with a sanction other than imprisonment.

A typical situation when that may occur is in payment of a drunk-driving fine/SPEEDING FINE, or one for driving without a license, for instance.

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We asked António José Coelho dos Santos, a lawyer friend of ours, to write in greater depth about the legal aspects of different ways of helping the FGS. He accepted our challenge and drafted the text below. Just follow the link.

Click here to read the full text.