In order to achieve our goals, and assuming that social transformation is a proces that is built in a collaborative way, our action is part of a set of five processes that generate change:

School as a space for Social and Justice Transformation;

Dialogue between civil society and higher education;

Link between Ecology and Social and Justice Transformation;

Link between a global vision and local practices;

Connection between different territories.

Since Development and Citizenship are so closely linked, our project teams work jointly in the Department we call Global Citizenship and Development.


Civil Society Organizations

Higher Education Institutions

Local Communities

Governmental Bodies

Geographically speaking, the FGS has focused the proximity and continuity of its actions in the following countries:

Portugal: conducting nationwide efforts in the field of Education for a Global Citizenship

Mozambique: where we started in 2004, namely in cooperation with the Catholic Mission of Fonte Boa (Tete Province) and in rural communities in Beira (Sofala Province). Today, we are present in Beira through the project Somos Moçambique.

FGS is also active elsewhere, through initiatives of Humanitarian and Emergency Help within the Xavier Network.